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Community Sponsorship involves many different people working together. Find out about all those involved here.

Lead Sponsors

It is not possible to deliver Community Sponsorship without Lead Sponsors and this role is crucial to the continued success of the movement. Lead Sponsors, usually a charity or Community Interest Company (CIC), provide the legal security and framework that Community Sponsorship groups must have in place.


Our community of refugees and volunteers offers a rich resource of experience and insight for researchers, academics and policymakers. We are committed to supporting and partnering with institutions and individuals whose work can develop understanding of the impact of Community Sponsorship and contribute to the narrative on the contribution refugees make to UK society.


As the organisation charged with managing Community Sponsorship in the UK, we receive the bulk of our funding from the Home Office. However we do work with other funders to help them maximise the impact of their grant-making strategy or manage funds on their behalf. If you are interested in supporting Community Sponsorship to grow then we would love to hear from you.


If you’re a landlord or you have an empty property you could make a significant contribution to Community Sponsorship by giving a refugee family the security of having a safe home. The property must be available for a full two years and you should be happy to rent out your property at the appropriate Local Housing Allowance rate in your area.

Training Offer

We have been working to support individuals and organisations to implement methods of community-led welcome of refugees since 2018. We have now made this training available for organisations to purchase.