Lead Sponsors

Because Community Sponsorship involves raising and holding significant funds and engaging with a number of statutory service providers all groups need a Lead Sponsor to work alongside them. Lead Sponsors are usually charities or Community Interest Companies (CIC).

Local Authorities

Local Authorities have an important statutory role to play in supporting Community Sponsorship groups to welcome refugees to the UK. It’s important for therm to understand at what stages they will be involved in the process and what their responsibilities are at these milestones.

Raising Awareness

There are lots of simple ways to help raise awareness of Community Sponsorship, from using social media to putting up posters to telling your own stories of welcome.

Community Sponsorship Resources

Wherever you are on your journey through Community Sponsorship, Reset is here for you. We have training courses, videos, articles and more, all designed to help your Group and the family you support.

“If you want to have a real impact on someone’s life, I can’t think of anything more meaningful.”