It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the global scale of the refugee crisis -- but there is something practical you can do to help refugee families settle and flourish in the UK. Through Community Sponsorship, people come together to welcome families into their local areas and support them to find housing, jobs, language lessons, schools and doctors. They offer support and advice, and empower refugees to become self-sufficient. 

Community Sponsorship harnesses the generosity of local people. It breaks down barriers and offers critical support to refugees, who have experienced immense hardship and heartache. Community Sponsorship is a rewarding opportunity for people across the country to make a real difference to the lives of refugees.

Your experiences of Community Sponsorship

Being part of Community Sponsorship has taught me personally and our Group so many things. We've met lots of people that want to volunteer with us. As a Christian charity, we've met people of faith, no faith, and different faiths and that's been really exciting for us. Community Sponsorship allows you to make a difference in people's lives.
Michelle Rutter, Riverbank Trust