About Us

Community Sponsorship involves many different people working together. Find out about all those involved here.

About Reset

Reset empowers volunteers to welcome refugees into communities across the UK. We were set up in 2018 to coordinate the growth of the Community Sponsorship movement across the UK and have since embraced other forms of community-led welcome.

Neighbours for Newcomers

Local volunteers can welcome and support skilled healthcare workers forced to flee their home countries as they begin new careers and find homes in communities across the UK.

Partner with us

Community-led welcome isn’t about one organisation. It’s a truly collaborative initiative. We work with a range of organisations and individuals across the country to deliver our work and to grow the movement.

Community Sponsorship

Community Sponsorship is a refugee resettlement programme with local people at its heart. Resettlement is what happens when a refugee is moved from a host country in which they’ve sought asylum to a country that has the capacity to support them in the long term.

Homes for Ukraine

Thank you. It’s amazing that you would like to find out more about how you can sponsor Ukrainians to reach safety in the UK.

Where we work

New Community Sponsorship groups are constantly forming across all regions and nations of the UK. Our map will give you an idea of what’s taking place in your area.