60 seconds with Nour

Nour arrived in the UK as a teenager, having been resettled with his family. Here he tells us about his hopes and fears when he found out he was moving to the UK, and what advice he would give to other teens being resettled.

“School in the UK is completely different!”

Nour was a teenager when he was resettled in the UK with his family. He spoke to us about learning English, discovering big differences between school in the UK and in Jordan, and making plans for the future.

“They gave me hope.”

Zahar and Lena arrived in a small market town in Lincolnshire just as the Covid-19 pandemic took hold. At first they wanted to leave as quickly as possible and move to a bigger, more diverse city. But now they say they wouldn’t want to live anywhere else and are volunteering with their Community Sponsorship group to welcome another family to the area.