We regularly run campaigns to further grow the movement of community-led welcome across the UK. Find out more about our latest campaigns here.


Let’s put the kettle on and talk about how your community could join the national movement of welcoming refugees.

Following the success of our campaign in 2021 ‘Communities for Refugees’, Reset are launching a new campaign called ‘CommuniTeas’. Through this new campaign we aim to increase the number of people sponsoring refugees in the UK, by bringing people together over a cup of tea.

We’re asking individuals and communities to throw a tea party and bring the conversation of community-led welcome to their communities.

The campaign ran from January to March 2023, however, we still support CommuniTeas across the country!

Could you set up a tea party and help grow this movement? Let’s chat.

Contact us today to get started.

Downloadable CommuniTeas campaign resources!

A Community Picnic for Refugee Week!

We’re proud to have worked with the Jo Cox Foundation to put on our own CommuniTeas X The Great Get Together for Refugee Week!

We run one off tea parties for different events to support the community-led welcome of refugees across the UK. 

If you would like to put on your own CommuniTea party, please get in touch.

For more info on how you can welcome refugees, watch this short video