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Community Sponsorship is a unique opportunity for you to make a practical contribution to a refugee family as they rebuild their lives in a new country. Volunteers work together in a group to welcome families and provide practical support to access services, learn English and adapt to a new culture.

Community Sponsorship is a significant undertaking that requires a commitment of time and emotional energy. You will formally support the family for one year after they arrive in the UK but the commitment begins before this as you prepare a resettlement plan, apply to the Home Office, fundraise for costs, and source accommodation for the family.

Community Sponsorship is for everyone – you don't need any special qualifications or expertise, just a willingness to work as part of a team. You'll also receive training and support from Reset at every step of your journey.

The rewards of being involved are significant.  As well as the impact you will have on a family’s life, it also gives you the opportunity to forge links within your own community and make new friends and connections.

Community Sponsorship groups come in all shapes and sizes. Some are made up of people who already know each other but lots of others are made up of people who had never met before. Some groups only have a few members, some have dozens. We know of groups that have been formed by neighbours, colleagues, people who worship together, and even a pub quiz team.

Every group is unique because every community is unique, and that’s one of the things that makes Community Sponsorship so special. If someone in your local area has already started a Community Sponsorship group, we can put you in touch. If no one has started a group in your local area yet, you could be that person.

**Community Sponsorship is a different programme to the Homes for Ukraine scheme. Those wishing to participate in the Homes for Ukraine programme do not need to start or join a Community Sponsorship Group.

What next?

Find out how you could get involved by coming along to our Part 1 training. Find out more