Meredith Kelly
Training, Support and Advice Coordinator
My role is to develop training resources and to provide capacity building to Community Sponsorship Groups. I am here to support groups throughout each stage of the process in order to successfully welcome a refugee family in their communities. I have a master’s degree in Violence, Conflict and Development and have over five years of international field experience in refugee resettlement. Most recently, I worked at UNHCR Jordan where my role was to review resettlement referrals for the UK and other European countries and to deliver standardised training to national and international caseworkers.
I strongly believe in resettlement as a durable solution for those in protracted refugee situations as it is not only a way to offer a new beginning to those affected by conflict but it is also a tool for responsibility sharing within the international community. I am inspired by groups who have decided to take on a share of the international community’s responsibility by welcoming and supporting refugee families in their own communities, demonstrating the power that individuals can wield to make a difference in global issues.

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