Ayham Alsuleman
Programme Coordinator
My role is to work closely with Reset's partners to ensure that Community Sponsorship Groups have enough support to resettle refugees. I also work on the digital media engagement of Reset and help promoting Community Sponsorship. I have an MA in Development and Emergency Practice. My dissertation investigated the loss of home for the Syrian Refugees in the UK. I am originally from Syria and I consider myself a global citizen. I worked for several national and international organisations both in the UK and in Syria. I enjoy cycling, travelling, and cooking some Middle Eastern dishes.
While I understand that politics can play a challenging role in the way we respond to events around us, I have always believed in the power of communities. Community Sponsorship is one of the most exciting things I have worked in. I have the opportunity to travel across the UK and meet new people all the time. I am always quite fascinated by the energy and the compassion people have towards refugees. I am glad that I am playing a role in transforming communities and helping vulnerable people to restore their hopes in life.

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