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Thinking about your support

On this page of the toolkit, you can download a range of guides to assist you in planning the support you will offer to refugees.

Empowerment, Power Imbalance and Boundaries

In this guide, you can read how successful sponsorship is all about helping those you welcome feel confident and able to navigate life in a new country. This can be achieved through adopting an empowerment approach – never doing something for someone without them.

 The people you support have been forcibly displaced from their homes. They’ll be adjusting to a new culture, way of working, and new customs. They may be navigating this alone, with no connection with people they work with or in their new neighbourhood.

Sponsors can provide the support and local expertise to navigate this adjustment. Feeling integrated is a difficult concept, we will all feel it to different degrees at times and it doesn’t happen overnight. Integration is firmly based in our own feelings, experience, and ambitions.

Preparing your property

In this guide, you can access some ideas to think about when preparing your home. We recommend also reading this guide prepared by NACCOM and their members.

Financial Matters

In this guide, you can find ways in which you can help refugees prepare for managing their finances in the UK.


In this guide, you can start to understand your safeguarding responsibilities and how to talk to refugees about this

Integration Support

In this guide, you can read more about a variety of areas of support your guest may need. Be mindful where your responsibility ends and the local authority responsibility begins, if you are in doubt, check with your local authority.

Planning for the end of your support

In this download, you can find ideas for how to help your guests move on after 6 months in your home or property.