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As a sponsor, you must name the person you wish to sponsor. If you do not know someone to sponsor, you can apply to be matched with someone looking to come to the UK via, a service that we run. You will need to complete mandatory training to participate in our matching service.

If you know the name of the person you wish to sponsor, either you or they are able to apply for a visa here. The next section of the toolkit will talk about the visa in more detail.

Once the visa application has been submitted, the UK Government will inform your local authority that an application has been made. The local authority will be in contact with you to arrange a home visit and carry out their checks. 

Once the Home Office have approved the visa application, and provided a ‘permission to enter letter’ to those outside of the UK, the person coming to the UK will be able to travel here. Responsibility for travel lays with the guest or sponsor. Many airlines and all UK train companies are offering free travel to Ukrainians who show their Ukrainian passport and travel by train within 48 hours of arriving in the UK. 

Throughout the six months that you sponsor someone to the UK, your local authority will be in close contact with you as they provide wrap-around support for the people you sponsor. 

If you are unable to continue providing accommodation after six months, you should give as much notice as possible and no less than two months' notice to the people you sponsor for them or the local authority to find onward accommodation.