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Building relationships

However you meet the people you will sponsor, it's going to be essential to build a warm and equal relationship from the outset.

You may have been introduced to someone who wishes to come to the UK in a variety of ways. We strongly recommend that you do arrange to speak in advance of agreeing to sponsor someone.

This might be logistically difficult to arrange however, we suggest that you discuss:

  • What your offer is to the refugee who wishes to come to the UK - room size, freedom to come and go as they please

  • Tell them about your local area - how close you are to services they may wish to access. Remember that not everyone will be as familiar with the UK as you are. Explain how close you are to major cities or well known landmarks

  • About who they will be living with - including pets

  • Be clear that support will be offered by your local council, so there are others involved in this process

  • That you will go through security checks by the UK Government and local authority

  • Be clear that you will be receiving £350 per month from the UK Government for hosting them

Leave space to listen to what is important to the refugee and their hopes for life in the UK, be respectful and mindful of the experience they have been through. You could ask:

  • Do they have any connections in the UK, or people they are likely to want to visit; are these places accessible from where you live?

  • What kind of job or schooling they would like to access

  • Is there any particular services or support they feel they would need to access

  • Do they have family or friends who may be planning to join them at a later date

  • Anything you need to know about the pets they are bringing with them (if this is the case)

  • Have they been asked to pay to be introduced to you, or had to give their passport to someone in return for using this service; this is absolutely not ok, nor necessary - do be clear that this is not needed for this programme

You may find that following your conversation that you do not feel comfortable to sponsor this person, or the same for them. Give one another space to make this decision and be honest if you feel that this refugee will not settle well where you live. Do not leave them guessing however, and be clear if this is the case so that they can find another sponsor. If they choose to not take up your offer of sponsoring them, respect their decision.

You can signpost them to the Reset matching site.

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