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Applying for the Visa

Once you know who you wish to sponsor, either you or they can apply for a visa online. The visa is free and the application form is available in English only, however, the government’s guidance is also available in Russian and Ukrainian. Organisations such as IOM are able to provide support in country for those coming to the UK with the visa process. Ukrainians can contact the Here for Good Law Project or the Ukraine Advice Project for further support. 

Please note: Reset is unable to provide advice regarding the visa process or specific visa application questions.  

Every individual you are sponsoring must complete an individual form, irrespective of age. If you are sponsoring a family of four, that means they will need to fill in four application forms, regardless of age.  

If someone wishing to come to the UK does not have a valid Ukrainian passport or an expired passport with an extension stamp from the Ukrainian government, they must visit a visa application centre. If the person you are sponsoring is eligible for the programme but not a Ukrainian citizen, they’ll also need to go to a visa application centre to provide biometric information for the application. More details on this process are available here.  

Filling in the application form 

Either you or the person/people you are sponsoring can fill in the online application but you’ll both need to be involved to some degree.  

Regardless of who decides to fill it in, you will need to share personal data and documents with one another. It’s very important you do this safely. If, for example, you’ve been connected through social media, do not upload provide your personal information or upload copies of your documents onto these sites, rather, send copies via disappearing messages on WhatsApp or email, asking the recipient to delete copies once they’ve been uploaded.  

If the refugee you hope to sponsor is completing the application, you will need to share copies of your ID and proof of address with them. You’ll also need to let them know your immigration status in the UK (British citizen, settled or pre-settled status, refugee status etc). If possible, make yourself available for questions as they fill in the form.  

If you are completing the application on behalf of your guest, please note that the application form is aimed at the person applying to the scheme. You will be asked to provide their details first and the details of the sponsor will come later in the form.  

The organisation, Here for Good, are providing free legal advice to sponsors and refugees filling in the application.

Uploading documents 

All documents can be uploaded to the application form using a secure app – either VFS or TLS – depending on the country you are submitting the application in. You’ll be given more detailed instructions as you or your guest fill in the application.  

Completing the application  

The application is also an application for a biometric immigration document and by completing it, you confirm that both the applicant and the sponsor have given permission for their data to be shared and contact details used for the purpose of checks and supporting the sponsor arrangement. 

According to the government’s website, applications are normally processed in date order from when the documents were uploaded, or after the appointment at a visa application centre.  

Unfortunately, Reset are unable to assist in the visa process, nor are we able to access information relating to the progress of a visa.  If you need assistance to move the case forward, you could consider asking your MP for help.