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Homes for Ukraine sponsor toolkit

Welcome to Reset’s Service for the Homes for Ukraine Scheme. We support, advise and guide people to welcome Ukrainian refugees and offer a matching service for the scheme.

It’s incredible that you have decided to support people fleeing Ukraine. Welcoming refugees into your home is not a small undertaking nor something you should go into without seriously considering what this might mean to you and those who you live with.

There is so much to think about when becoming a sponsor, from understanding trauma to building healthy boundaries for you and your guest. We encourage you to have a look through our Homes for Ukraine website to make sure you feel prepared and comfortable on your sponsor journey.

In this toolkit, you will find resources that outline the support you might need to provide if you are welcoming refugees into your home.


Find the section you wish to read using the links below or click through the toolkit using the button at the bottom of this page.

Understanding the Homes for Ukraine Programme

How does the Homes for Ukraine process work?

Applying for the Visa

Working with your local authority

Supporting your Guests

Building Relationships

Training and Support

Useful Links

This toolkit is not designed for those who have arrived through the Ukraine family visa scheme but might contain some useful information if this is who you are supporting.

The Homes for Ukraine scheme is being designed and developed at pace, so you should ensure that you are using up to date information from; we will attempt to keep our materials up to date as the programme develops. 

A note on language

Throughout our toolkit, we use a variety of terms which we explain here.

Sponsor – This means you, the person who provides accommodation to the refugee. If there is more than one adult in your household, one of you should be the ‘lead’ sponsor. 

Host – This is used to refer to those who provide a room in their property.  The host can also be the sponsor.

Refugee – We have used this term to describe the person or people you will be welcoming.  Please note that those arriving will not be given refugee status in the UK.

Guest – This is the person or people who will be staying in your home.  We also refer to them as refugees.

Super Sponsor – This is the role that, at the time of writing, Scotland and Wales have taken on.  This means that refugees wishing to arrive to those nations can be sponsored directly by that Government rather than being sponsored by an individual. The super sponsor routes are currently closed in Wales and Scotland for new applications from Ukrainians outside of the UK

Community Sponsorship - This is a UK Government refugee resettlement programme that enables friends and neighbours to directly welcome refugees into their local area and support them to live independent lives in the UK. This is a different scheme to Homes for Ukraine and if you would like to find out more about Community Sponsorship, we can help.

Understanding the programme