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How we can help

Reset are here to assist you with providing consent to Community Sponsorship Groups in your area.

Your regional or national Strategic Migration Partnership can assist you too, with Community Sponsorship taking place in every nation and region in the UK, experience is increasing and knowledge is being shared. 

As a Local Authority, when a family is welcomed through Community Sponsorship, you are able to claim funds to support the children's education from the Home Office. Your Local Health Board or Clinical Commissioning Groups can claim for healthcare costs for each family member.

How Reset can help

What we can offer to Local Authorities

  • Advice and support: We can answer any questions about the scheme, the process, and requirements you need to fulfil and can help you navigate how you can provide consent to a Community Sponsorship group

  • Meet with you to design your consent process with you

  • Connect with other Local Authorities: We can connect you with other Local Authorities who have resettled families through Community Sponsorship

  • Share best practice on giving consent: We can share best practice and provide template letters for Local Authorities on request so that you can see what others have done

Contact the Reset Team vie for the advice and support you need.