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Greater London Authority Fund: Capacity Building for Community-Led Welcome

Reset are delighted to be administering a fund, made available by the Greater London Authority and the Mayor of London which will support charities and organisations to scale up their capacity to welcome refugees and those displaced from their homes to the capital.

What is the Greater London Authority Fund?

Community Sponsorship is a programme where friends, neighbours and colleagues can come together to welcome refugees to their neighbourhoods.  The strength of this welcome is underpinned by the structure and safe working practice of an organisation who take on the responsibility of ensuring long term (up to 2 years) of integration support and housing is offered.  With the recent launch of the Homes for Ukraine, which will soon allow organisations to sponsor individuals and families, the opportunity for community led welcome has never been greater.

The funding from the GLA will make it possible for organisations to access grant payments of up to £5,000 to strengthen their organisation to make it possible to welcome more refugees.  We know that organisations will work differently, and we have tried to make this application and assessment criteria as flexible as possible to meet their needs. 

Details on how you can apply for these grants are set out below. 

If you have any questions in relation to the grant programme, please email us via


To apply for these grants you must:

  • Be a registered or exempt charity, or CIC working in or across London

  • You must use this grant to support your work in London

  • Agree that this grant is restricted to support your work in building the capacity of your organisation to welcome refugees, and you will be asked to define how this grant will be used in your application

  • Agree to report on progress of your project at key points during the grant period

  • The usage of the grant is restricted to the welcoming of refugees through UKRS, ACRS via Community Sponsorship or the Homes for Ukraine programmes

Awarding grants

We are particularly looking for organisations to step forward and welcome refugees in the areas of London where Community Sponsorship has not taken place to date. These boroughs are:

Barnet, Bexley, Brent, City of London, Ealing, Hammersmith & Fulham, Harrow, Havering, Hillingdon, Hounslow, Islington, Kensington & Chelsea, Wandsworth, City of Westminster. 

We’re also interested in helping organisations inspire a diverse range of people to get involved with welcoming refugees.

Once a grant application has been received, the Reset team will review this, including desk based research on your organisation, and ask to meet with you to discuss your proposal further.  We will assess the grant application against the eligibility criteria set out above. Once this is completed, we will be in contact with you to outline the next steps.

Grant payments will be made as agreed with you.  A sample of our grant agreement we will ask you to sign is included in this pack.

What can the grant be used for?

Grants can be used for a variety of work, and we’ll look to be driven by you for how these will be best used.  You might decide that funding a member of your team to set up a recruitment and support campaign for volunteers to welcome refugees is how this will be best placed to be used.  You might wish to use a grant to raise awareness of needing accommodation for refugees, or to add capacity to your existing programmes of work to welcome more refugees.  We’ll ask you to tell us how this will be used and how this will enable refugees to arrive in the UK.

We will be able to provide grants to organisations who welcome refugees through the ACRS (Afghan Citizens’ Resettlement Scheme), UKRS (UK Resettlement Scheme), or Homes for Ukraine scheme.  For applications to support the growth of the Homes for Ukraine scheme, grant recipients will need to demonstrate how their project will complement, and not repeat the duties carried out by the local authority, for which they receive funding.

What can't the grant be used for?

We are not able to fund projects where refugees have already been welcomed in communities.  We will not fund projects where local authorities have received funding from the Home Office for the resettlement of these refugees.  This will not apply to the Homes for Ukraine scheme as outlined above. Grants for activities outside of London will not be considered.

Timeline of the grant

Applications for grants will run until November 2022.  We will close grant applications when we have awarded £49,000 of funding in total.

How to apply

Please complete the grant application form here. If you have any questions please contact us at