Welcome to the Lead Sponsor Toolkit

Community Sponsorship Groups are made up of individual volunteers giving their own personal time. They are not registered legal entities. Because Community Sponsorship involves raising and holding significant funds and engaging with a number of statutory service providers all groups need a Lead Sponsor to work alongside them. Lead Sponsors are usually charities or Community Interest Companies (CIC).

If you have been approached by a Community Sponsorship group asking you to act as their Lead Sponsor then some of the responsibilities you would have include:

  • Taking legal responsibility for delivery of the Sponsor Agreement.

  • Acting as a guarantor of the group for the £9,000 they must raise.

  • Approving plans the group have to support refugees, including their safeguarding processes.

  • Signing and submitting the application form to the Home Office.

  • Working with the Group and relevant Local Authorities to approve the refugee family allocated to the group.

  • Attending a pre-approval visit between the group, Local Authority/Authorities and the Home Office.

  • Assisting should any problems with the Group or family arise.

  • Attending Post Arrival Support Visits after the family have arrived. 

  • Completing monitoring and evaluation as requested by the Home Office.

Support for Lead Sponsors

Being a Lead Sponsor is a big commitment for any charity or CIC and should not be undertaken lightly. Reset are here to help you explore what this means, consider the obligations that are placed on you, and help you to feel confident in working with a Community Sponsorship group.

Reset can talk through the challenges and benefits involved in being a Lead Sponsor and help you put in place everything you need to support Community Sponsorship groups. We can help you to explore how to become a Lead Sponsor in a way that works for your organisation, explaining the process and what is required by you at each stage, and help you draft a memorandum of understanding.

We also coordinate the Lead Sponsor Network which is open to all Lead Sponsors, whether you support one or multiple applications. We know that your organisation will have your own structure and way of working, and we want to work with you to bring together the knowledge, best practice and learning from your work and to help you to overcome barriers. We share monthly updates with Lead Sponsors, including resources and latest information about Community Sponsorship.

What next?

If you'd like to discover more about being a Lead Sponsor, please get in touch.