60 seconds with… Della

Della worked with a small team of volunteers to welcome three refugee nurses to Great Yarmouth. Find out why she got involved in Neighbours for Newcomers and what advice she has for other volunteers.

60 seconds with… Carol, Community Sponsor, Exeter

Carol started volunteering with her local Community Sponsorship group, CHARIS Exeter, in 2018. Here she shares the toughest and best bits about Community Sponsorship and describes an emotional reunion at Exeter airport.

“We were one unit, one spirit, one humanity.”

In 2017, people from different faith groups across Redbridge* were brought together by one goal: they all wanted to help a Syrian family find safety in the UK. They became The Redbridge Community Sponsorship Partnership and, in June 2019, they welcomed a refugee family to their borough. Here, we talk to Qaiser Malik from South Woodford Mosque and Pete Southern from Wanstead Quakers about how the group came together.