How to pass your driving test when you are new to the UK

Abdullah arrived in the UK with only a few words of English. Ten months later, he had passed his theory and practical driving tests giving him vital independence and freedom. Gordon East, founder of CHARIS, set up the Community Sponsorship group which sponsored Abdullah and his family. Here he speaks to him to hear his advice for other refugees.

60 seconds with Nour

Nour arrived in the UK as a teenager, having been resettled with his family. Here he tells us about his hopes and fears when he found out he was moving to the UK, and what advice he would give to other teens being resettled.

What it’s like being sponsored as a refugee student

Ahmad Alkosani tells us about his experience of being sponsored as a refugee student to Canada, how the World University Service of Canada changed his life and why he is now volunteering so he can have the same transformational impact.

“They’re like another family now”

Ali is a Palestinian refugee who was born and raised in Lebanon. A trained nurse, he’s come to the UK to work for the NHS. Ali was welcomed to his new home in Doncaster by a group of local people as part of the Neighbours for Newcomers programme for refugee nurses. Here Ali tells us what this opportunity means to him, how his new neighbours have welcomed him, and how he’s learning the Yorkshire accent.

“They have been with us every step of the way”

Ghazala was resettled in London with her husband and their two daughters. She told us how her Community Sponsors have supported her during her first 6 months in the UK, and how she’s giving back to the community.

“It feels like my life has started again”

Rana is a single mother to two girls. They fled Syria after her daughter’s school was bombed. Two years ago, she was resettled in Liverpool through Community Sponsorship. Here she tells us about the kindness of the people in Liverpool and her ambitions to become a nurse.