How to speed up your Community Sponsorship application

We know that you want to welcome a refugee family as quickly as possible and that the length of time it takes to prepare and process your Community Sponsorship application can be frustrating. While the process necessarily takes some time, there are some really simple ways that your Group can avoid delays.

1. Don’t forget the required documents when you submit your application

Make sure all of the documents you need to submit are attached to your emailed submission.  At a minimum, this means:

  • your completed signed application

  • consent from your Local Authority/Authorities (on letter headed paper!)

  • your Safeguarding Policy

  • your Complaints Policy

Read more about the documents you need to submit.

2. Ensure your Lead Sponsor signs your application form and completes the declaration

This must be completed in full before submission.

Find out more about the sections of the application that your Lead Sponsor must complete.

3. Try not to leave gaps in your application form

Check that your form is as complete as it can be* when you submit. Remember that Reset can check your application before submission.

*If you’re submitting for approval in principle without accommodation, you should tick ‘no’ in 3.1a and then leave the rest of 3.1 blank. This will not slow your application down. Find out more.

4. Get consent from your Local Authority before you submit

Local Authority consent is crucial. (We can’t stress this enough!) Your Local Authority should give their consent on letter headed paper. If you’re in a two tier Local Authority area (i.e. you have a County Council and a District Council), you’ll need consent from both councils.

Find out more about getting consent from your Local Authority.

5. Make sure the Home Office knows who to correspond with

If your Lead Sponsor won’t be able to respond to emails from the Home Office quickly, you can ask your Lead Sponsor to provide the Home Office with the name and email address of a person in your Group who will be able to respond promptly. The Home Office will then correspond with both the Lead Sponsor and the named member of your Group.

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