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60 seconds with Nour

Nour arrived in the UK as a teenager, having been resettled with his family. Here he tells us about his hopes and fears when he found out he was moving to the UK, and what advice he would give to other teens being resettled.

How old were you when you arrived in the UK?

I was 16.

How did you come to the UK?

I was resettled through the Community Sponsorship programme with my family. We are originally from Syria, but we had been living in Jordan for 6 years before we were resettled.

What were you most excited about?

Learning the language and continuing my education.

What were you most worried about?

I knew the language barrier would make life difficult at first, and it was very hard leaving behind my friends and family from Syria and Jordan.

When I see people out and about, I greet them and they greet me.

Did you know much English or have much information about the UK before you moved here?

No, I didn’t have much specific knowledge about the country. My teacher taught us some very basic English – the numbers, the days of the week – that sort of thing. But that was all I knew, so when I came here I considered myself to be learning the language from scratch.

What are the biggest differences between your school in the UK and your school in Jordan?

In my school in Jordan, the students stayed in one classroom and the teachers came to us, but here we move around. My school in Jordan was for boys only, but here the school is mixed.

What’s next for you?

I want to study engineering at university.

Why do you think Community Sponsorship is an important programme?

I feel like this scheme helps to give hope to refugees and makes life much easier for them when they arrive in the UK.

How has Community Sponsorship made a difference in your life?

I’m part of the community. I know everyone now, and they know me. When I see people out and about, I greet them and they greet me. My language is better now, but I still need to practice!

What advice do you have for other teenagers being resettled in the UK?

Learn the language because this makes life generally much easier. Never give up. Patience is important because it is very hard at the start to come to a new country and learn a new language.