There is a range of useful material you can use to better navigate the sponsorship process, designed by the Home Office, Reset or its partners. If you have suggestions of additional relevant resources, please get in touch!

We’d be interested in hearing from faith networks, businesses, universities, philanthropies and other civil society groups that want to get involved with Community Sponsorship. 

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Publication date:
26 April 2018

Videos page

March 2019 immigration stats are out!

Khalid Hussain from Mercy Mission talking about the support provided to Community Sponsorship groups

King's Arms Project and the support provided to community groups

Sponsor Refugees can provide with all the support you need to become a refugee sponsor

The Community Sponsorship Training website is online

'It's very hard to change the world so change what YOU can impact': Kettering Refugee Assistance

Refugee Sponsorship Edinburgh

'We're not powerless. You're not powerless. We can do something to help': Community Sponsorship in Bristol

'It's brought us closer together': Kettering Refugee Assistance and Community Sponsorship

You can make a difference and sponsor a refugee family

Lots of Catholic Dioceses in the UK are welcoming refugees through Community Sponsorship

If you love people, then you’d want to help. Get involved in Community Sponsorship!

Fr Gareth explaining how CommunitySponsorship has brought together the goodness in Dagenham

New Immigration Statistics - Community Sponsorship Figures

Rev David Butterworth talking about the impact of Community Sponsorship in Birmingham

Gill Bonner talking about Community Sponsorship in Sutton

Programme Coordinator Ayham Alsuleman speaking about supporting the growth of Community Sponsorship

Chris Clement, former director of Reset, talks about the vital work of supporting communities to welcome refugees

David Butterworth - How the interfaith communities have came together to welcome refugees

Why should people get involved in Community Sponsorship?

Stuart Keir talking about the support provided to community groups

Carly Whyborn talking about Reset Communities and Refugees

Ralph Boer from Hillsong Church talking about Community sponsorship

Dominic Briant talking about the benefits of Community Sponsorship

Lisa Westlake - Why community sponsorship?

Nibras Aldibbiat talking about the benefits of Community Sponsorship

Phil Baker talking about what excites him about community sponsorship

Community Sponsorship in the UK

Reset and its partners are currently designing additional resource material and will upload it soon. Stay tuned!