Research, monitoring and evaluation

Reset is committed to ensuring that the Community Sponsorship scheme can reach its full, transformative potential. We firmly believe that research, monitoring and evaluation are essential in order to make evidence-based decisions that will support the scheme to grow and flourish.


We work closely with universities to produce in-depth research into Community Sponsorship. We are currently working with King’s College London to examine how relationships between group members and refugee families can be shaped by language, and how this influences integration. A report is due in March 2021..

Previously, we worked with the University of Birmingham on a formative evaluation of the Community Sponsorship scheme in its pilot phase. Access the research outputs here. We also worked with the same team on a focused case study of the wider community aspects of Community Sponsorship. Access the case study report here.

We regularly commission smaller pieces of research and conduct our own research to help us understand more about who undertakes Community Sponsorship and how it impacts them. 

Monitoring and evaluation

Reset conducts regular Post Arrival Support Visits with all Community Sponsorship groups and sponsored refugee families. The aim of these visits is to provide a space for both the Community Sponsorship group members and family members to separately reflect on how their integration is progressing. Through these visits, we work to identify trends and themes so that we can identify areas of the scheme that need improvement.


If you’re a researcher interested in studying Community Sponsorship, please get in touch.

If you’re a journalist interested in covering the results of our research, please contact