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We spoke to our Trustee, Ellie, about her experience!

17 January 2023

We sat down with another one of our Trustees, Ellie Stacey, to talk about how she became one of our board members.

Why did you want to be a Trustee at Reset?

I got involved in community-led welcome once I stopped being a headteacher.  My old job took every inch of headspace, and once it was over, I started thinking more widely and was struck by a poster with statistics about the number of refugees welcomed worldwide, under the caption, "Is Europe full up? You decide..."  It really challenged my thinking about this country's level of compassion. I had moved to Cornwall, and got involved with Bude Refugee Support Group. Through this, I got to know Reset as the mainstay of Community Sponsorship. When they advertised for a Trustee role I applied as I thought that I might have something to offer from my old career and relocation to a very different part of the UK from Oxford.

What does a Trustee at Reset do?

We work as a team to secure and challenge the direction of the organisation. We support the staff by celebrating the good and challenging when we need to, but very much in the spirit of being an organisation that is open to learning.  We evaluate what we do and make sure that we know our own strengths, and that we address any gaps in our knowledge through training and/or finding out more. We meet four times a year either in London or online and use this time to discuss the direction of Reset and any pressing issues that may require us to make decisions.

How did you become a Trustee at Reset?

It was a similar process to how Reset are recruiting now! I had a CV prepared, but I used my cover letter to talk about my experience of Community Sponsorship and being a headteacher and how I felt I could be a useful voice on the board. I was so excited to learn that I had got an interview. The interview was a really friendly process, where I met with Reset’s CEO, Kate and the previous Chair, Chris, and we chatted about my experiences and I was given the chance to explain why I would be a good fit for making decisions with the rest of the Reset board.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about being a trustee for Reset?

Make contact and find out more. It's such a great way to join up with people from different walks of life and to step onto their shoes.  I would recommend it to anyone even remotely considering it. You don’t have to have experience of being a Trustee, you just need a willingness to learn and want to get involved!

Thank you Ellie!

Our trustees play a critical role in enabling our organisation to deliver its mission. As a trustee at Reset you will be responsible for:

  • Ensuring that we are meeting the needs of the people that we support

  • Making key decisions collectively and shaping the organisation’s strategy

  • Making sure that we are accountable and that we do what we say that we will do

  • Supporting our senior staff team to effectively lead our people and manage our resources

We're currently recruiting for people to join our board. If you think this could be an opportunity for you, please refer to our Information Pack on how to apply.

Please note the deadline for applications is 31st March 2023 at 5pm. If your application does not have a cover letter your application will be not be considered and you may not receive a response from us.