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Reset launches new Training Website

15 February 2022

We are delighted to announce that our new Training Website is now live. The website’s new design and features make it easier for Community Sponsorship groups to access vital resources and track their progress.

Training Community Sponsorship groups to provide the highest quality support to refugee families is an integral part of the work we do at Reset. We want to ensure that Community Sponsorship groups can access all the tools they need throughout every step of their Community Sponsorship journey. With this new Training Website, we’re making it as simple and smooth as possible to find and use these resources. Check out the new site.

The new site has a bright, dynamic and refreshed design. We’ve created a range of new graphics and images, and implemented a new colour scheme. One of the biggest changes is that users will no longer require an account, making the site simpler, quicker, and more inclusive.

The updated site includes a new streamlined search function to make finding resources easier. We’ve improved the structure of our content so users can now browse by content category or by how far along the process they are. We’ve also created an application checklist to help groups visualise the road ahead in their Community Sponsorship journey.

The updated ‘Making an application’ section is specifically tailored to help users work through their Community Sponsorship application question by question, while the modified ‘Working with refugees’ section contains resources to support groups after they’ve welcomed a family to their neighbourhood.

We’ve created a guide to booking our training to help users easily reserve their place on our compulsory training and optional core skills training sessions.

Meredith Kelly, Training, Support and Advice Coordinator, explains the benefits of the new Training Website:

“I’m excited for groups to start using the new website as it’s much more intuitive and makes it so easy to find exactly what they’re looking for, whether that’s advice on answering a particular question in their application or how to support refugees to study for their driving test. We’ve made it easy to browse resources by subject or based on your group’s stage in the process.”

We hope you like the changes we’ve made. If you have any comments, please let us know via