Neighbours for Newcomers Launch

2 September 2021

We are pleased to announce a new pilot programme for community volunteers to welcome newcomers to their neighbourhood and details of how you can get involved.

Neighbours for Newcomers - N4N, provides a new way for people seeking sanctuary to arrive in the UK.   The newcomers are nurses who have fled their home countries and are coming to the UK on Skilled Worker visas to work in NHS Trusts. They will be working at hospitals in Dewsbury, Great Yarmouth, Hillingdon, North London, Norwich, Oldham and Portsmouth.

 Working with the local NHS Trust hospital, we will match the needs of these newcomers to groups of volunteer neighbours who have knowledge and experience of their local community.

Neighbour volunteers will be offering a friendly welcome to these newly arrived nurses. Groups of up to 5 volunteers will ensure that their new neighbour settles into their home and feels confident in the neighbourhood. Neighbours offer companionship as the newcomers establish their life here.

 Nearly everyone is qualified to support a newcomer in their community. All you need are life skills and experiences, and the time and enthusiasm to share them.  You’ll be volunteering with Reset, who’ll give you all the training and support that you need.

“Through our work at Reset, we have seen that the warmest welcome can be offered to new arrivals by those who are experts in their local area. The new relationships that are formed through community-led welcome are transformational for everyone involved.  We’re delighted to be launching Neighbours for Newcomers to welcome to the UK those who have been forced to leave their homes”
Dr Kate Brown – Co-Director, Reset

If you’re interested to get involved and live in Dewsbury, Great Yarmouth, Hillingdon, North London, Norwich, Oldham or Portsmouth  please contact

N4N is organised by Reset Communities and Refugees and is funded through a partnership with Talent Beyond Boundaries, the Department of Health and Social Care, NHS England and NHS Improvement.