Get to know our new Communications Officer, Ben Green

3 November 2021

We’re really happy to welcome Ben Green to the Reset team as Communications Officer. Here Ben tells us about his professional experience and why he’s so excited to be working to grow Community Sponsorship.  

Hi Ben! We’re so excited to have you on the team at Reset. Can you tell us why you want to help grow Community Sponsorship?

I am really excited to join the team! I’m a huge advocate for Community Sponsorship. I want to help it grow because I think that it’s an important practical and personal way for members of the public to directly change the lives of refugees. It really can be transformative for both the refugee families that are welcomed and the communities welcoming them.

I think this is a pivotal time for Community Sponsorship, and refugee resettlement as a whole. At this moment, we’re seeing record numbers of forcibly displaced people worldwide so it’s crucial for the UK to do its part in providing safe and sustainable ways for refugees to find sanctuary.

The recent and ongoing situation in Afghanistan has revealed a level of compassion among the British public and a desire to help refugees not seen since the 2015 refugee crisis. That was the catalyst for Community Sponsorship in the UK. Six years on, Reset are working to harness this new momentum to expand Community Sponsorship so that as many people as possible can benefit from the programme. I’m proud to contribute to Reset’s efforts!

What were you up to before starting work with Reset?

Before I began working for Reset, I was living in Malta. During my time there, I worked for an international humanitarian organisation called MOAS, as part of the European Solidarity Corps programme. MOAS’ work comprises of a broad range of operations, including providing various forms of support for refugees, people seeking asylum and vulnerable migrants in Malta and implementing disaster risk reduction initiatives in Bangladesh’s Rohingya refugee camps.

My role at MOAS was quite varied and included communications, research, fundraising and project delivery-focused tasks. I also trained in Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) and taught English to people seeking asylum on the island.

Before moving to Malta, I worked remotely for MOAS while also working for a grocery delivery service in rural Lincolnshire during the first Covid-19 lockdown. That was a very intense time, to say the least! Before that, I was studying Geography at the University of Edinburgh, where I graduated in 2019.

What are you most excited about in your new role at Reset?

I’m excited to continue expanding my knowledge of Community Sponsorship. I’m looking forward to interacting with prospective volunteers and assisting them as they start their Community Sponsorship journey.

We know that Community Sponsorship can be an incredibly rewarding experience for volunteers, but we also recognise that it takes a great deal of effort and can be a little daunting when starting out. So I’m eager to be on hand to help and support as much as I can!

I’m also really excited to hear from volunteers and families about the impact of Community Sponsorship and to share these stories with the public to encourage more and more people in join in!

Finally, when you’re not working, how do you like to spend your time?

I love music so I spend a lot of my free time going to concerts and festivals. I’ve travelled as far as Iceland to go to a music festival...! I’m so happy that concerts and festivals are happening again after the long pause due to Covid. I also play the bass guitar and spend time practicing and learning new songs.

Then a large part of the rest of my free time is dedicated to sport. I like playing and watching football, going running and swimming, and doing martial arts. During my time in Malta, I went off exploring as much as I could, and now that I have just moved to London, I’m hoping to do the same here.