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Molli Benson, 24, and Jamie Cowley, 25, are a young couple who have recently bought their first home and moved from London to Tonbridge. After just a year in the house the pair signed up as hosts on the Homes for Ukraine scheme and say they will welcome their guest in time for Christmas.
Homes for Ukraine
The coverage focuses on the huge numbers of people displaced by the war and the pressure that is placing on housing across Europe. Our CEO, Kate Brown, comments on the difficult situation facing those moving on from their host families here in the UK, and offers some solutions.
Homes for Ukraine
The conflict has dropped from people’s minds, Reset warns
Homes for UkraineLondon
Horrified by the war in Ukraine, Rosalind Wilkinson felt the urge to help those who found refuge in the UK as millions were forced to flee their home country following the invasion of Russia. The 56-year-old applied for The Homes for Ukraine scheme shortly after it was launched by the government in March to host a family.
Homes for UkraineSouth East
Reset Communities, an organisation which has been leading the community welcome of refugees across the UK, has issued the appeal amid a continued surge of families looking to escape the conflict.
Homes for UkraineSouth East
In February, Lesia Kondratiuk woke early to the sound of fireworks outside her 11th floor apartment in eastern Ukraine and rushed to her window to spot the culprit, but annoyance turned to fear as she realised the loud bangs were missile strikes. Now the 44-year-old says she feels “totally safe” as she settles into her new life in Merseyside.
CommunityHomes for UkraineNorth West
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