Community-led welcome in the media
Great coverage from Kent Live of the launch of our #Communiteas campaign. “A charity has launched its new campaign to show their support for refugees by hosting a tea party in a bid to spread the word about various forms of community welcome. Reset is behind this new initiative, calling people up and down the country to come together and help refugees integrate into their new environment.”
In a bid to try and raise more awareness and hopefully get more families to sign up for the process, a Sheffield family has spoken of their experience housing a Ukrainian mother and son who had to flee their home to escape Russian troops on the front line.
Homes for Ukraine
Yuliia Matalinets is a Cargo Surveyor from Odessa and was matched with hosts in Bristol by Reset. She and other Ukrainians displaced by the war talked to Karen Gilchrist about their first Christmas away from home since being forced to move, and their plans for the future.
Homes for Ukraine
Great British Life talks to three young Ukrainian mothers spending their first Christmas away from their homeland.
Homes for Ukraine
The Age Times offers some advice on ways to help out in your community this Christmas, including finding ways to welcome refugees. With a comment from our CEO, Kate Brown.
Homes for UkraineVolunteer
Women have outnumbered men for the first time among refugees arriving in the UK, a charity report reveals, as a result of the large wave of Ukrainian families fleeing Russia’s invasion.
Homes for Ukraine
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