Lead Sponsor Network

We have launched the Lead Sponsor Network for representatives from organisations who take on the role of Lead Sponsor in Community Sponsorship projects.  The network is open to all Lead Sponsors, whether you support one application or multiple.  We know that your organisation will have your own structure and way of working, and we want to work with you to bring the knowledge, best practice and learning of your work together and overcome barriers together.  We share monthly updates with Lead Sponsors, including resources, updates to the scheme and up to date information in order for you to keep abreast of the changes within the scheme.  We'll be asking you for advice and feedback on the programme, to help to bring change to inspire more people to participate in Community Sponsorship.  

The Lead Sponsor Network meets online regularly.  To join the network, please complete the below form and we will be in contact with you.  

Lead Sponsor Network Members

The Lead Sponsor Network is currently made up of representatives of: 

It's easy to join the Lead Sponsor Network, complete the form below or contact carly@resetuk.org

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