One of the best ways that you can contribute to Community Sponsorship is by offering resettled refugees a place to live. Many landlords and people with empty second homes have offered their properties to Community Sponsorship Groups for refugees to rent*. If you're a landlord or you have an empty property and you want to make a massive difference to the lives of a refugee family, get in touch by filling out the form below!

There are 3 important details to note:

1) You can't invite refugees resettled via Community Sponsorship to live with you in your home, even if you have a spare room. This is because the refugee families resettled via Community Sponsorship need space to live independently

2) Renting to a refugee family resettled via Community Sponsorship is a two-year commitment. The family will need full access to the property for the full two years. 

3) You should be happy to rent out your property at the appropriate Local Housing Allowance rate in your area.

*Refugees resettled via Community Sponsorship are eligible to apply for benefits in the UK. This means that they are financially able to rent properties.


There is no guarantee that a Community Sponsorship group will decide to make use of your property. Reset Communities and Refugees does not accept any responsibility for finding a tenant for your house.

Please select the location of your property. If you could not find the exact location, please select the nearest one.
You may provide more information about your property here.

Reset Communities and Refugees will be keeping your details secured and will ideally share your contact details with a Community Sponsorship group near your property's location. Are you happy for Reset to do that?
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