In every region of the UK, there are Groups that are preparing to welcome refugees to their local areas through Community Sponsorship. If someone in your local area has already started a Community Sponsorship Group, we can put you in touch. If no one has started a Group in your local area yet, maybe you could be that person? Find out how

Community Sponsorship is for everyone 
You don't need any special qualifications or expertise. Being part of a Community Sponsorship group requires everyday skills, the desire to make a difference, and the ability to be kind and compassionate. Everyone can prepare a home. Everyone can accompany someone to a GP appointment. Everyone can show someone their local area. In a Community Sponsorship Group, volunteers pool their individual skills and experience to work collectively through the steps required to resettle a refugee family.

Community Sponsorship brings people together
By joining a group, you will develop wonderful friendships with people who, like you, are concerned about refugees and want to make a difference to their lives. You will meet a range of inspiring people in your neighbourhood and get to know your community better. You will be visiting local places and spending time talking to neighbours, local businesses, social service providers, local politicians, council staff, and local religious leaders as required. Through all of this, you'll find that you strengthen the community spirit in your local area.

Community Sponsorship empowers ordinary people to make a difference
At a time when the global refugee population is at a record high and millions of refugees are enduring appalling and unsafe living conditions, Community Sponsorship gives ordinary people the chance to make a difference. Instead of feeling powerless and simply observing the crisis from afar, you will have direct responsibility for welcoming a refugee family into your community and supporting them to rebuild their lives in safety. It is a tremendously rewarding personal experience and makes a tangible difference to the lives of vulnerable refugees.

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