A brilliant way to support Community Sponsorship when you aren't able to join a group yourself is to help fund the work of the Community Sponsorship groups up and down the UK. All Community Sponsorship groups commit to raising £9000 before they welcome a refugee family into their area. These funds go towards a range of costs associated with supporting refugees, including paying for interpreters and English lessons.  

Please donate by clicking on the links below to Community Sponsorship Groups' fundraising pages. 

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*If you are an existing Community Sponsorship Group and would like your funding page to be added to our website. Please contact enquiries@resetuk.org.


The links below are to Community Sponsorship Groups' fundraising pages. The pages are entirely independent of Reset. The funds raised through these pages do not fund Reset and Reset has no involvement in transferring or holding the funds. For information about how a particular Community Sponsorship Group is intending to spend the money that they raise, please contact groups directly as Reset does not control Groups' finances.  

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