Businesses of all shapes and sizes can play a transformational role in Community Sponsorship - both at a local and a national level. We know that different businesses work in different ways and that different styles of involvement with Community Sponsorship will work for different businesses. That's why we've developed a range of pathways for involvement - so that you can tailor your involvement to the strengths, skills and resources of your organisation.

        Match with a local Community Sponsorship group

Matching with a local Community Sponsorship group can be a wonderful way to develop links with local people and change your community for the better. It works like this: Reset will match you with a Community Sponsorship group local to your business. Your business can then decide, in conversation with the Community Sponsorship group, what sort of support you will provide to that group. You might donate to the group to help them meet their fundraising target, or you might offer your skills. For example, we know of Maintenance and Repair businesses that have prepared accommodation for refugees free of charge. Or you might do a number of different things for that group. It's up to you! If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, contact us.

        Run skills workshops for refugees 

For refugees, getting back into employment is often key to feeling in control of your life again. Could your business run workshops for refugees to give them skills that would help them to compete in the UK job market? This could be anything from CV writing to interview preparation to IT skills. Contact us to discuss running a workshop for refugees on the Community Sponsorship programme.

        Donate to the Ready to Welcome Fund

We have created the Ready to Welcome Fund to further the sustainability and scale of the Community Sponsorship programme. This fund will enable Community Sponsorship groups to access expert support from charities specialising in resettlement. The amazing thing about Community Sponsorship is that it enables everyday members of society to get involved in resettlement, but there is still a role for experts to play in preparing these communities to welcome refugees and support those refugees to the highest possible standard. Support from specialist charities will speed up the time it takes for community groups to become Community Sponsors and ensure the high quality of the programme. If you'd like to support Reset in developing this fund, contact us..

        Become a Community Sponsorship group

Setting up your own Community Sponsorship group is an amazing way to have a direct impact on the lives of refugees. You can choose to keep your Community Sponsorship group internal to your employees, or to open up membership to people in the local community. Either way, this is a fantastic opportunity to strengthen your CSR practices and to engage your employees in meaningful social change. For more information on setting up a Community Sponsorship group, visit our Training Website.

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