Save a Refugee Family " Community Sponsorship for Refugees in Birmingham"

Muath Trust, Bordesley Centre, Stratford Road, Birmingham. B11 1AR
Event Date: 
Tuesday, 31 July, 2018 - 19:00 to 20:30

Save a Refugee Family! 

An essential development for the community to host & resettle a refugee family within the UK.

We get invited to lots things in the year, but how many will lead to you making a real & meaningful difference to the World? Mercy Mission UK alongside Reset host invite you to an open evening to explore how you can help resettle a refugee family within your community in Birmingham. With the help of a unique government programme, the Community Sponsorship Scheme, we have the opportunity to help families find a safer place & integrate in the United Kingdom. There is one thing to send aid to our brothers and sisters as they try and survive the war, there is another to free them of the need for aid altogether and bring them here to start a new life.