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Since 2016, the UK's Community Sponsorship Scheme has offered refugees a route into safe resettlement by giving local communities the resources to support families to rebuild their lives. The main feature of the event will be the two live streaming webinar panels. The first panel will include presentations from the Director of the Community Sponsorship Research, Professor Jenny Phillimore. She will discuss the achievements and challenges of the scheme. She will be followed by a representative of the charity Reset, an organization that provides training and supports CSS in the UK. Reset will talk about the current situation and prospects of the Community Sponsorship Scheme (CSS). The Panel will then move onto the experiences of the volunteers and refugees themselves - one volunteer participants and one refugee participant will discuss their own experiences with the scheme. P

anel one will conclude with a question and answer session. The second panel will include a presentation by Alaa Khattab, who is an active Ambassador of the CSS. Alaa currently works at Embrace UK supporting eight Syrian families in London. As with the first panel, the second panel will then hear from the experiences of two CSS volunteers and one refugee participant.

Panel two will conclude with a question and answer session live streaming from the audience. The audience will be invited to ask further questions and provide comments on the presentations on an e-note board. To accompany the panel discussion and expand the event beyond an online presence, UK CSS groups will be sent postcards printed with photos from a recent CSS photo competition and be encouraged to post the cards to encourage participation in CSS. A video clip of the photos used will also be created and available on a micro-site of the main IRiS website.

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