Application Workshops

Reset provides workshops that offer tailored support to Community Sponsorship Groups that have already formed and who are in the application process. No matter what barriers your Group is facing, with our extensive knowledge of the Home Office application process, Reset will work with your Group to submit a high-quality application quickly, so that you can focus your time on welcoming a refugee family. Reset staff can travel to your area on weekdays, evenings or weekends to conduct workshops with core Group members or we can hold workshops over the phone.

Although each session is bespoke to a Group’s needs, the workshops focus on different stages of the application process and include the below themes. Wherever you are in the application process, Reset can help you get to the next step.

Building momentum

  • Harnessing your Group’s existing skills sets.
  • Budgeting in the abstract.
  • Creating an achievable timeline for your Group.

Forming Relationships and Gaining Consent

  • Understanding and accessing your local authority.
  • Forming a collaborative relationship with your local authority.
  • Knowing whose consent is needed for Community Sponsorship and how to get it.

Developing your Resettlement Plan

  • Discussing your Group’s approach to empowerment.
  • Setting boundaries within your group and with refugees.
  • Identifying gaps in key research areas: ESOL, school and GP registration, interpreters and employment.

Writing and Submitting your Application

  • Decoding the Home Office application form.
  • Translating your Group’s resettlement plan to the application form.
  • Writing a high-quality application.

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If your Community Sponsorship Group is interested in our application workshops, please send us a request to discuss how we can help. And remember, we are always on hand to help with your progress!