Application Checking Service

Reset can check your application before you submit it to the Home Office. We can offer an impartial look at your plans, and advise on any work still to be done or questions left to be answered. Using our application checking service is not compulsory, but Community Sponsorship Groups have told us that they have found the service useful in their planning.


  1. Do not include personal data: Your application form, once finalised, will include personal data relating to your Group and your Group members. Please do not complete sections 2, 4 or 5 on the application before sending this to us (or remove these sections from your form prior to sending).  
  2. Check with your Lead Sponsor: If you’re working through a Lead Sponsor who are providing you with their charity number and guidance, it is essential for you to confirm with them that they are comfortable with you receiving our advice, as they may have certain processes or conditions that they would like you to fulfil of which we are not aware.

Once your Community Sponsorship Group has completed the form, just send it over to and a member of the Reset team will be in contact with you with comments within five working days.