How can I get my local authority's consent to welcome a refugee family?

Getting Local Authority consent is a crucial part of your application to welcome a family through Community Sponsorship. This is because once the refugee family is resettled in your local area, they will be using local services such as schools and GP surgeries. In the unlikely event of something going wrong with your group when offering support to a family, it will be your Local Authority who will take on the responsibility for the ongoing resettlement of the family you support. 

Drawing on their knowledge and experience of resettling refugees, local authorities can provide Community Sponsorship groups with brilliant support and we recommend getting in touch with yours as soon as possible to talk to them about Community Sponsorship and why you want to get involved.  If you live in a dual authority area. you will need to receive consent from both Local Authorities.  You can find out whether you are in a dual authortiy area here

For information about who to reach out to within your local authority and how to build a positive relationship with them, see our Training Website.  Reset also provide advice and support directly to Local Authorities; so if you need us to assist with gaining your consent, please contact us