Do Community Sponsorship groups need to provide accommodation for the resettled refugees?

As a group, you will need to source accommodation that will be available to the resettled refugee family for at least 2 years. This does not mean that you need to buy a property. Refugees who are resettled through the Community Sponsorship programme are entitled to claim benefits and will therefore be able to rent a property themselves - you just need to make sure that the property is ready for them to move into when they arrive in the UK.  Ideally, accommodation you find should be available at Local Housing Allowance rates.  Providing sustainable. affordable housing from the outset will help refugees to adjust to life in the UK, and help to build their expectations should they choose to move in the future. 

Finding a suitable property can take some time and it's important to remember that you do not need to have found accommodation in order to submit your application to become community sponsors. You can submit your application first and then look for accommodation while your application is being processed by the Home Office. 

Our Training Website has more information about what types of properties are suitable for resettled refugees. A key thing to note is that the resettled refugees must have their own space. You cannot invite them to live with you.