What is the Home Office process for considering applications?

Once you have submitted your application form to the Home Office, they will assess whether you have shown that you will be able to resettle a refugee family in your local area. They will do this by reading the application and  supporting documents you have submitted, and may also visit you to assess your application in more detail. The application process is not a pass/fail system. If the Home Office needs more information or needs you to make changes, they will provide you with feedback and give you time to make these adjustments.  

The Home Office will also carry out checks in order to ensure that your group is suitable to work with vulnerable people. This can include checks against the Home Office’s records and the police national computer, or its equivalent in Northern Ireland.  

Your group will be asked to attend the required training delivered by Reset. This covers adopting an empowerment approach to working with refugees, helping you to manage your group and preparing for an arrival.  

Once the Home Office have all the information they need from you and your Local Authority and they are satisfied that you will be able to successfully resettle a refugee family, they will approve your application.  Once your application is approved, the Home Office will begin the process of allocating a refugee family to your group. 

For more detailed information about the application process, see our Training Website.