What have other Local Authorities done?

As every Local Authority works differently, there are many models of what has worked. 

  • Unitary Authorities have met with a Group, seen their application and provided consent which has been the responsibility of the Resettlement Team
  • District Authorities have had to receive approval via their Executive Boards, which does take more time and requires the Group to provide information prior to meetings for a written report
  • Dual Local Authorities have worked together to agree how they will provide consent, with one following the lead of the other
  • CEOs in County Councils have been the ones to provide consent, after the proposal to carry out Community Sponsorship has been explored by others.
  • In Local Authority areas where resettlement is not already taking place, Groups have been asked to assure and guide the Local Authority through how the refugee family they welcome will be able to integrate into their new community
  • Rural Local Authorities may be concerned about social isolation and lack of integration in the area.  We have found that the refugees welcomed into rural areas have integrated well, and whilst travel, access to ESOL classes and access to culturally appropriate shops is a challenge, Community Sponsorship Groups in these areas have the skill, experience and creativity to address them.

You can read the advice of Carmathenshire County Council on approaching Community Sponsorship, as was initially published in The Municipal Journal