What does consent mean?

The Home Office are asking Local Authorities to give consent for the Group to resettle a refugee in their community; and you will need to be comfortable that the Group has fully considered what this means.  You don’t need to check their application form or approve it, that is the responsibility of the Home Office. But you might wish to meet in person, discuss their approach and any issues relating to living in the area, introducing the Group to useful services and other organisations of whom they need to be aware.

Local Authorities will need to provide written confirmation of their consent on a letterhead.  If a Group is applying for approval in principle, it may be that you provide a letter committing to give consent subject to certain conditions such as checking the accommodation or assurance that funding is in place.  The Home Office will not consider an application received without relevant Local Authority consent in place.

There may be assurances you wish to seek from the Group and the Home Office when providing your consent and you could detail these in your letter of consent.

The letter of consent can be given directly to the Group to submit alongside their application form and supporting documents.