What is a Community Sponsorship Group? Who can be part of one?

A Community Sponsorship Group is a group that is applying to resettle, or has already begun resettling, refugees in their local area. Community Sponsor groups come in all shapes and sizes and absolutely anyone and everyone can be part of them. Some groups are made up of people who were already linked in some way, such as a book club, a sports team, a group of co-workers, or a faith congregation. Other Groups are made up of people who have never met before but who all share the same commitment to welcoming refugees. In these situations, often one person or a couple of people will decide to set up a group and will begin to advertise in their local area or online to find other people who are interested in working together to resettle a refugee family.   

Anyone can set up or be part of a Community Sponsorship Group. You don’t need any specific resettlement experience. Across the Group as a whole it can be helpful to have some people with management skills, leadership skills, and some experience of working with vulnerable people, but you will already have the skills you need to successfully help a refugee family. 

You can find more information about forming and organising a Community Sponsorship Group on our Training Website.