Which organisations run the Community Sponsorship programme? What does Reset do?

Community Sponsorship was launched by the Home Office in 2016. The Home Office retains responsibility for approving applications, selecting the refugees eligible for the scheme, and allocating refugees to sponsor groups. As soon as the scheme was launched, numerous charities, faith groups and civil society organisations became involved in the scheme by supporting community groups to make applications to resettle refugees. Community Sponsorship is for everyone: the skills you need to support refugees exists in all of us.   

Reset Communities and Refugees was set up in 2018 to coordinate the growing Community Sponsorship movement across civil society. Reset raises awareness about Community Sponsorship, provides training and support to community groups, and records the experiences of community groups and sponsored refugees in order to help improve the scheme. We work closely with the Home Office to make sure that the views of the community groups and refugees that have participated in this scheme are represented. You can read more about Reset and what we do here

Reset has partnered with a number of charities who are active in promoting and supporting Community Sponsorship. We want as many civil society organisations as possible to champion Sponsorship and help the movement to grow. You can read more about who we work with here.