How is Community Sponsorship different from other forms of resettlement?

The main difference between Community Sponsorship and the other forms of resettlement operating in the UK is that Community Sponsorship enables members of communities to guide and participate directly in the resettlement process for refugees. We know this is really special because settling into a new place is so much easier when you have a community supporting you. Enrolling your children in school, registering with a GP, finding a job and making friends are all so much easier when there are people around you who can answer your questions, help you contact the right people, give you directions and offer you a cup of tea on a difficult day.

We also believe that engaging local communities in welcoming refugees can have an amazing effect on communities themselves. We have seen people come together across differences of generation, faith and political opinion to welcome refugees into their local areas. Working together with people you might never normally engage with day-to-day strengthens the bonds that bind communities together.