Community Sponsorship beyond 2020

Last update: 6 September 2019

In June 2019, the Home Office announced changes to the Community Sponsorship programme in the UK that will come into effect in 2020.  These incredible developments to the scheme are:  

  • Additionality – all refugees resettled through Community Sponsorship will be ‘additional’ to the government target. This means that they will be above and beyond, rather than part of, the government’s resettlement numbers 
  • A broader global scope - The scheme will be extended to have a broader global focus, allowing flexibility to respond to humanitarian crises 

The Home Office is currently developing its plans and thoughts on this and more information will become available over time.  We will be making regular updates to this page as our understanding of these plans develops so that Community Sponsorship Groups can understand its impact on their work.  Check back on this page regularly and make sure to follow us on social media for further updates.

Latest Updates:

When will the new scheme will start?
19 June 2019

The renewed scheme will start when the government’s existing commitment to resettle 20,000 refugees is fulfilled. This will be in 2020, but we don’t know yet exactly when.

Do we need to offer different language support?
19 June 2019

To begin with under the new scheme, refugee families resettled through Community Sponsorship will continue being mostly Arabic speakers. The announcement does provide an opportunity for Groups to consider offering a broader range of language support in the future.

What nationalities will be eligible for the new scheme?
19 June 2019

We don’t currently know, this is under development with the Home Office, but will still help the most vulnerable and will focus on where there is most humanitarian need.

Will the application process stay the same?
19 June 2019

No changes to the application process, or what Groups need to provide have been indicated at this stage.

Is there a maximum number of refugees who will be eligible for Community Sponsorship?
19 June 2019

We understand it is likely that there will be a ‘cap’ on the number of refugees that can be resettled through Community Sponsorship, but we don’t know yet what this will be

Is this a closure of the VPRS/VCRS schemes?
19 June 2019

From 2020, the VPRS, VCRS and the Gateway Protection schemes will be rolled into one Global scheme.

15 August 2019

The new scheme will be called 'The New Global Resettlement Scheme'. 

If the numbers resettled through Community Sponsorship are additional, will we be able to name or make a preference to the country of origin of the refugees we will support?
19 June 2019

Naming will not be possible under the new scheme. As in the current scheme, at the point of application, Groups will be able to indicate the languages they are best able to support, and the Home Office will take this into account when matching a family to a Group. 

Will Asylum Seekers be included in the new scheme?
19 June 2019

No, it is our understanding that the scheme will only be open to resettled refugees. 

How long will the new scheme run for?
19 June 2019

The new scheme has been announced for 1 year initially, which will run from when the scheme starts.

What will happen next?
25 June 2019

The Home Office is planning to reach out to Community Sponsorship Groups and stakeholders for views on how the new developments within Community Sponsorship will be implemented and delivered.

19 July 2019

These discussions and opportunities for stakeholders to feed in, will also include opportunities to feedback on matters such as the application process and the support Groups recieve, as well as the broader changes in the scheme. 

How can I give my views on what will happen with Community Sponsorship post 2020?
15 August 2019

The Home Office have released a survey to gather views from Community Sponsorship Groups which needs to be completed by 6 September 2019.  Please contact Reset to participate in this survey.  

6 September 2019

The Home Office ran a survey for Groups to put in their views for the development of Community Sponsorship post 2020 which was open from 15 August – 06 September 2019.  This was circulated to all Lead Sponsors, all Groups for whom Reset has contact details, and via our Partner organisations. 

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