We know that sponsorship groups across the UK are going above and beyond in their wish to support and welcome refugees.  Groups take on a huge amount of responsibility in preparing their application, resettlement plans and building a strong and collaborative group of people – before a family arrive with them.  A key part of the work carried out by sponsor groups is to source suitable accommodation for a refugee family for a 24 month ... continue reading (3 min)


This vacancy is closed We are currently looking for three new Trustees to join our Board at Reset Communities and Refugees.  Having been in operation for just over 6 months, you’d be joining us at a really exciting time for the organisation and for Community Sponsorship. It’s an opportunity to make a huge difference to the organisation responsible for growing Community Sponsorship in the UK. You’ll be joining a dynamic and engaged groups of founding Trustees and... continue reading (2 min)


Dr Kate Brown and Dr Monika Kruesmann have joined the Reset team as co-Directors (a job share), and introduce themselves here.  Kate Brown (to the right) and Monika Kruesmann It's not every day a job comes up where we feel really inspired, both professionally and personally. When we were offered the chance to lead Reset as Co-Directors, however, that's exactly how we felt! Here was a role that perfectly matched both our professional backgrounds and interests, and our own... continue reading (3 min)


Photo taken by Bekele Woyecha, Senior Project Manager at Sponsor RefugeesBy Manar Marzouk, Programme Coordinator at Reset Communities and RefugeesOn my way to Carmarthen, I was reading a book about humanitarian ethics. One sentence stuck in my mind: “We sympathize more with persons contiguous to us, than with persons remote from us”. Having met sponsor groups across the UK, I can argue that this theory isn’t accurate. These individuals from different backgrounds, who were moved by photos in the... continue reading (4 min)


We are delighted to share the news that today, The Home Office formally announced that they have awarded us a grant to promote, increase and support community sponsorship in the UK. Working with our Partners, we’ll be carrying out lots of activities and work in your area to help new individuals, groups and communities to welcome refugees.   Please see below for the full press release: The Home Office has awarded £1million to the new civil society organisation Reset... continue reading (4 min)