In this blog a member of a Community Sponsorship Group in London acknowledges that she expected gratitude from the refugee family that her Group supports. She examines the roots of these expectations and explains how she came to understand her role better once she confronted and moved away from these expectations.  Looking back now to when we first got involved in Community Sponsorship, it’s clear that we had a lot of misconceptions about what it would mean for a refugee family to be... continue reading (4 min)


Professor Michaela Hynie from York University in Toronto has been studying refugee resettlement in Canada for over a decade. Canadians have privately sponsored more than 300,000 refugees. In this blog Professor Hynie reflects on her observations of the UK’s Community Sponsorship scheme and explains why the UK’s focus on community resettlement over family reunion can represent both a challenge and a strength of the UK model. I’m Professor Michaela Hynie from York University in Toronto and I’... continue reading (4 min)


Community Sponsorship is a young and changing programme so new initiatives and processes can come about quickly. We know that Groups and Local Authorities aren’t always clear on the most up to date procedures, so we’ve recapped below some of the most recent and biggest changes to the Community Sponsorship scheme.  If you’re ever unclear on what you need to do at any stage of your Community Sponsorship journey, please contact the Reset team. ... continue reading (5 min)


By Marisol Reyes Soto, Researcher at University of Birmingham - Institute for Research into Superdiversity (IRiS)  As an academic doing research for Community Sponsorship, I can positively say that my experience in this project has been very exciting and inspiring. For me, the most valuable aspect throughout has been the opportunity to meet and interview people who have been volunteering in different communities across the United Kingdom. After long and engaging... continue reading (4 min)


Following the Community Sponsorship Assembly at the beginning of this month, it was really clear that Community Sponsorship Groups want an opportunity to network with one another, so this Autumn, we’re going to be giving all Community Sponsorship Groups – no matter what stage of the process they are currently at – the opportunity to come together.  We’ll be in each region over September and October and we’ll be updating this page as we add more dates to our Networking Events.... continue reading (4 min)