We know how much work it takes to complete your Community Sponsorship application.  Your group will have been researching, discussing and planning how you can support a refugee family, as well as working with your Local Authority, preparing budgets, and writing safeguarding policies. We know that all of this is particularly challenging because, at this stage, you don’t know anything about the family you will be supporting, meaning that you... continue reading (2 min)


 In December 2018, the Home Office announced updates to the application form and guidance for Community Sponsorship groups, all aimed at making it easier than ever for groups to welcome refugees through sponsorship.   Thanks to feedback from our partners and groups who have already been through the application process, we have worked with the Home Office to provide a new application form and guidance for groups.  The new application form is supported ... continue reading (4 min)


Across the UK, people have been coming together to welcome refugees through Community Sponsorship.  Up to the end of September, 159 refugees have been resettled in this way by 29 groups.  Utilising the skills, resources and networks of individuals within their communities, groups are building resettlement plans, working with their local authorities and supporting families as they arrive.  Over 100 groups are currently in the process of applying to become a sponsor in Wales,... continue reading (2 min)


We know that sponsorship groups across the UK are going above and beyond in their wish to support and welcome refugees.  Groups take on a huge amount of responsibility in preparing their application, resettlement plans and building a strong and collaborative group of people – before a family arrive with them.  A key part of the work carried out by sponsor groups is to source suitable accommodation for a refugee family for a 24 month ... continue reading (3 min)


This vacancy is closed We are currently looking for three new Trustees to join our Board at Reset Communities and Refugees.  Having been in operation for just over 6 months, you’d be joining us at a really exciting time for the organisation and for Community Sponsorship. It’s an opportunity to make a huge difference to the organisation responsible for growing Community Sponsorship in the UK. You’ll be joining a dynamic and engaged groups of founding Trustees and... continue reading (2 min)